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New Moyea FLV Editor Lite features:
  • - Edit F4V, MP3 and FLV files encoded with H.264, H.263, Flash 8, or Flash 8 with alpha.
    - Extract FLV audio or video. Or replace the original FLV audio.
    - Trim FLV/MP3 to get the desired duration.
    - Merge several FLV files into one. (Up to 5 files can be imported at one time to the Resource List)
    flv editor lite

    - Add cue point to get more exciting effects (2 cue points can be added at one time).
    - Set Metadata to describe the FLV in detail.
    - Real-time preview to see the output effect.
    - Easily edit FLV/MP3 files on timeline.
    - Undo and redo options enables you to resume settings.
    - Trim blank to get a whole clip without breaks.
    - Short-cut keys help to edit FLV more freely and precisely.
    - Save project file for future editing. (Only available in Ultimate version)
    - Generate SWF and HTML files for uploading online.
    - Attractive player skins (with Moyea logo and link), special effects, and preloaders are available for SWF export.(Up to 3 options available in each section)
    - Convert MP3 file to FLV without any quality loss. (Only one MP3 can be imported.)
    - Get MP3 files from FLV as long as the original audio codec is MP3.
  • Moyea FLV Editor Lite - The best, free, and professional FLV editor fully realizes your ideas on Flash videos.
    Moyea FLV Editor Lite is a miraculous freeware, the best FLV/F4V/MP4 editor with timeline and real-time preview that simplify and visualize the FLV editing processes. It exceeds all other editors with its unique FLV import, export, and editing capabilities. You will fall in love with the editing selections to FLV/ F4V/ MP3 format files, to trim FLV/F4V/MP3, split FLV/F4V/MP3, FLV/F4V/MP3, add cue point, etc. With this stable, free FLV/F4V/MP3 video editor, you will make your FLV/F4V movies more than wonderful!
  • Moyea FLV Editor Lite – Integrate all your fun on FLV videos.
    This FLV editor cooperates perfectly with the free YouTube FLV Downloader and FLV to Video Converter Pro 2. Besides you are able to export SWF and HTML files for uploading on your website or blog. It fully integrates your fun to download FLV, edit FLV, convert FLV to other formats for your portable devices, and upload to website or blog for sharing. You can download the FLV videos from YouTube, MySpace, blogTV, Fox, etc. ; merge FLV, trim FLV, split FLV, replace FLV audio, etc. with this FLV editor; export SWF with nice player skin and effects, and HTML for online sharing; or convert to formats acceptable to iPod, iPhone, PSP, Xbox, Pocket PC, Creative Zen, Zune, etc.
  • Moyea FLV Editor Lite – What you see is what you get.
    With the real-time preview function, you can see the output effects immediately before output. What you see is exactly what you get.
  • Moyea FLV Editor Lite – Perfectly keeps the original quality without any loss.
    As is known to all, whenever there is recode to the video, there will be quality loss. But with this FLV editor, whatever you have done to the FLV(not F4V), , there would be no loss to the Flash video quality! Thousands of users are interested in editing YouTube videos, now we offer the best FLV editing tool. Free to download, free to use, and few limitations! If using FLV Editor Ultimate, you can edit without any limitations and get more attractive player skins, special effects, and preloaders. You can even save project file for future editing.